Nurses who do Missions

I chose this title as I have now been on eight medical missions as a nurse.  I found a passion I have never known and I can’t let go of it. I even wrote a book titled ”Really, God-Bangladesh?” After months of work, I prayed about this and had it published. I felt that God wanted this work to be completed so I moved forward in faith. The process of publishing my diary has been challenging, filled with joy and disappointments. I have also suffered with self doubt and the praise and rejection of men. Sometimes I have felt that it would be easier to live my life and forget what I have seen, but I can’t. I can’t. I can’t forget the children and their singing. I can’t forget the women and their needs. I can’t forget that I am blessed and I can make a difference. We need to build a hospital in Bangladesh for the people of Chilmary. This whole process has required me to trust God like never before. It has required me to give myself and my desires to Him. It has required me to say once again “not my will but Thine.” I trust God.

Really, God–Bangladesh?

A true life story of a nurse from Detroit who takes her skills to Bangladesh

Vicki Augustiniak talking with the young girls of ChilmaryWhen Vicki Augustiniak received the phone call in 2003 from the doctor telling her that she would be going to Bangladesh in December, she realized that she would be fulfilling a lifelong dream. It had always been in her heart to help others and that day had arrived. She has recorded all of her medical experiences and travels in Bangladesh and the Philippines over the past 10 years. She had kept a journal to be able to share her experience with her husband. Now she shares her insights with you.

In her memoirs Vicki details her journey. Beginning with her early years, she shares the story of a young woman born and raised in Detroit the oldest of nine children in a family filled with turmoil. Wanting a different life, she put herself through nursing school, married her husband in 1973 and her desire to help others grew.

Really, God — Bangladesh? tells the inspiring story of Vicki Augustiniak providing help and hope here and around the globe and how that work brought her peace and changed her life.

Vicki’s next goal is to raise money to build a hospital in Chilmary, Bangladesh.